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I make simulated in-person experiences utilizing stereoscopic video production and game engine technologies. The filmmaking process is composed of a live actor and a computer generated virtual studio set. The composition uses traditional methods of green screen and post-production techniques to produce a VR180 video. When viewed on a Virtual Reality headset, the video format provides a 180 degree field of view with true stereoscopic depth. This format can simulate remote telepresence at a physical or virtual location.

VR180 video production provides greater accessibility to environments that are otherwise inaccessible, due to their physicality or public health orders. The simulated or pre-recorded production provide a safe way to enjoy an in-person live event from the comfort of their own home.

VR180 provides an alternative means of knowledge sharing and training in a time where physical social distancing is a critical consideration. Organizations can now provide a process of training that simulate in-person on-site training.

VR180 Video Documentation of family members, loved ones, traditional practices, performance art, contemporary culture, and moments in time can be re-experienced in-person.

VR180 is a medium of the Story Teller and Knowledge Keeper and provides a realm of expression that can only be experienced.

VR180 is a format of video that provides a stereoscopic presentation with a field of view of 180 degrees; approximating human sight (left/right eyes), simulating an in-person experience.

Remote Telepresence is the ability to simulate being at another physical space without actually being physically present.

Accessibility is providing the means of access to those who may not be able to be physically present due to health order, disability, physical health, geography, weather, social-economics, etc.