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David Krouse is an Indigenous computational artist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. David specializes in adapting various digital computing technologies to operational and artistic practices. For the past 16 years, David has been active in the arts community assisting galleries and artists display their respective works on websites and other mediums. These projects include Urban Shaman Gallery’s StormSpirits.ca a Virtual Museum of Canada Exhibition, MacKenzie Art Gallery’s Bob Boyer Retrospective, a Virtual Museum of Canada Exhibition, and Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art’s Close Encounters: The Next 500 Years virtual exhibition.

As an artist, David has created a number of computer generated artwork and media that have been featured at the Urban Shaman Gallery, Winnipeg Indigenous Film Festival, Struts Gallery, and The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative’s Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival.

David is currently working with stereoscopic VR180 VR360 Filmmaking. Using a 5.7K Stereoscopic camera and various game engine technologies, David is currently producing mixed reality presentations for his online store, ProMaker.ca.

As an artist, I would consider my work a representation of contemporary issues from a future viewpoint, looking back into time. The concept of merging computer generated media with video has been a fascination of mine since the Movie Tron came out in 1982. I like the idea of telepresence, that is the ability to be someplace without actually being there. VR180 Filmmaking can bring that experience without the physicality.
- Dave Krouse, 2021

Notable Achievements

  • Developed and published two fully bilingual and accessible Virtual Museums of Canada web exhibitions; Storm Spirits Aboriginal New Media Art (stormspirits.ca) for the Urban Shaman Gallery (Winnipeg, MB,) and Bob Boyer: His Life’s Work for the MacKenzie Art Gallery (Regina, SK). 
  • Jury Member – Peer Assessment Committee for Canada Council for the Arts, and Peer Assessment for the Manitoba Arts Council
  • Media Artist, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival 2007
  • Copper Works featured by Clipper Italy, 2017