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[NOTE: Images require those Red-Blue 3D glasses]

Around 2006 – 2008 I became obsessed with producing stereoscopic images using the Blue-Red Glasses.

I suppose the idea came from playing the original Prince of Persia. I very much enjoyed the stereograph renders that mashed my eyes up really good.

Actually I was obsessed with VR, since 1995. I got to mingle with folks who were working with a company in Washington state. The technology involved the use of heads up display to augment the reality by projecting stereoscopic images to the left and right eye using LASERS. Was the cooling thing ever….. a red Statue of Liberty existed virtually stereoscopically.

So working at the Urban Shaman Gallery in Winnipeg gave me the opportunity to explore my repressed creative side. I wanted to make digital stereo photos using 3D Modeling software and Digital Cameras.

I made the following images using Vue (a 3D enviromental modelling software), and a digital camera. I composed using a video or image editor to produce the images. I did not have to tools to simulate the correct IDP, so I approximated the distance by hand manually.

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